• Fertilizing

  • 5-Step Lawn Program

    1st Application
    Pre-emergent Crabgrass control with slow release fertilizer
    Applied early to late April-May depending on weather

    2nd Application
    Earthsoils slow release N-Cal 19-00-02 XLS fertilizer with broadleaf herbicide
    Applied Late May-June

    3rd Application
    Earthsoils Slow Release Micro-N CTM 15-0-0 XLS Fertilizer
    Applied late June-July

    4th Application
    Earthsoils Micro-N CTM 15-0-0 XLS Fertilizer with broadleaf herbicide
    Applied late July to early August

    5th Application
    Earthsoils Soil renew CTM 7-0-0-7 XLS winterize fertilizer
    Applied late September to early October

    Note: Weed application can be mixed with any of these applications and will be done as needed if weed are present.



    Go Green. Go Natural with Earthsoils® Products

    Custom applications of Earthsoils liquid fertilizers are our specialty. What is a custom application? It is bring the right product at the right time, and applying it on your lawn for the maximum results. If you have a weed problem, we guarantee results with Earthsoils non-toxic fertilizer plus broadleaf herbicides. Other companies use the cheapest products they can find, and you get what you pay for usually. At green earth lawn care, we pay more attention to the quality of the products so you get better and faster result from your lawn. Green earth lawn care is always happy when you are happy with your thick green lawn.


    Full-Service Fertilizing Package

    Our full service package includes 5 applications of fertilizer and weed control options.

    1.     Dimension crabgrass and pre-emergent weed control. This application is usually applied starting in April.

    2.     Earthsoils N-Cal non-toxic fertilizer with available speed zone and trimec 992 broadleaf herbicides for dandelions, thistle, creeping charley, and other annoying early season weeds. This application starts in late April and continues into June.

    3.     Earthsoils Micro-N plus trace mineral. Keeps your lawn rich, green, and thick into the summer months. We do our very best to have this application completed by fourth of July, so you can here everyone bragging about how great your lawn looks at the holiday bar-ba-que!

    4.     Earthsoils Micro-N plus trace minerals for a late summer blast of nitrogen and minerals to keep the glow going through the dog days of summer.

    5.     Earthsoils Soil Renew jump-starts your lawn’s root system with a hefty 7% dose of pure calcium. This is our richest product, to get your lawn ready for the long Minnesota winter! This application can be applied anytime between August through early November. Depending on your lawns needs and your personal preference.


    Root-Builder Program

    If you want to go with our intensive root-builder program, then we add the following services to the above. You may choose the full root builder package or just one or two of the options.

    1.     Core Aeration: often mispronounced as “Aeration” this is the process of taking 2-4” plugs out of your lawn so your roots can breathe, and also relieve your yard off soil compaction, and allow for better nutritional intake at the root zone.

    2.     Over-seeding: is your lawn kind of thin and patchy? Over-seeding after aerating your lawn is a fantastic way to spruce it up before winter, so it comes back thicker and better-looking in the spring! We use the very best grass seed mix we can find and apply it at a rate of 1.5-2 pounds per 1,000 square feet for a even, full –stand of grass.

    3.     Inter Seeding: Inter seeding can be done in localized areas or over the whole yard where severely damaged or thinning of the grass has happened. This method of seeding requires no preparation on your part and is a excellent method of seeding grass, as the seed is put directly into the soil.

    4.     Earthsoils Soil Renew or Lawn Alive to give those new grass seeds all the food they need to grow fast and establish their roots before winter season. This application always follows aeration and over-seeding as soon as possible.