• A Natural Alternative

    Nothing beats the feel of soft, thick grass beneath bare feet in the summertime, especially when it’s cared for by Green Earth Lawn Care, Inc., in Hutchinson, Waconia, and the western metro market in Minnesota, a company using natural fertilizer that contains no harmful toxins.

    Vibrant from root to tip

    Green Earth Lawn Care, Inc. takes a different approach to lawn care than traditional custom applicators. Instead of forcing grass to grow, Earthsoils® lawn products help eliminate soil compaction and give plants the necessary nutrients for vibrant color, healthy roots and shoots, and overall vigor. One healthy shoot naturally produces about seven more shoots, resulting in a thick, lush lawn.

    Our Mission Statement:

    Green Earth Lawn Care, Inc. is a major contributor to the goal of healing the earth and our products and programs reflect our intent. We educate people in the environmental friendly approach to lawn and landscape maintenance while serving our clients with the number one non toxic fertilizer on the market – Earthsoils®.

  • At Green Earth Lawn Care, the grass is not only greener, it’s healthier.

  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

  • Fertilizing

    Custom applications of Earthsoils liquid fertilizers are our specialty.

  • Lawn Mowing & trimming

    Our mowing is set up either by per time or weekly basis. Trimming around trees and shrubs included. We can also bag grass, this is a extra charge.

  • Irrigation

    Let Green Earth Lawn Care take care your irrigation service work from spring start up to repairs throughout the season and fall blow out. We have a full line of irrigation parts on hand for all your service needs.

  • Power Edging

    This is the processes of removing excess grass growth over side walk and driveway, when finished it give your property a very clean look.

  • Spring/Fall Clean Up

    Let Green Earth Lawn Care take care of your spring yard clean up. This includes cleaning flower beds and landscape beds, cleaning yard debris, common hand raking, and disposal of waste.

  • Dethatching

    This process is done with a tine thatcher and is normally done in early spring to late summer. Thatching removes excess thatch from the root line and loosens matted grass which is vacuumed up and removed.

  • Shrub pruning

    Are you tired of not knowing when the right time to trim your shrubs is? Let the experts at Green Earth Lawn Care take care if trimming all your over grown shrubs, we will prune and shape then according to their needs.

  • Mulch/rock

    Adding a new flower bed or rock garden? Let Green Earth Lawn Care take care of your rock and mulch needs.

  • Top dressing flower beds and rock beds

    Green earth lawn care will also bring in more mulch, rock, and dirt to top dress your flower bed or gardens.

  • Round up

    Need an area killed off? Round up moves through the plant from the point of foliage contact down through the root system. Visual effects are a gradual wilting and yellowing of the plant which advance to complete browning of the above ground growth and deterioration of the underground plant system.